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VOG Community Guidelines


VOG provides the ultimate in online gaming and is famous for it's atmosphere suitable for people of all genders, races, religions etc. We're all here to have fun, so let's keep it clean!

Community Guidelines

  1. Disruptive behavior during game play, such as but not limited to harassing opponents or revealing moves to a player while kibitzing a game in progress is prohibited. Remember if a player is disruptive at your table you may disallow kibitzing by clicking the Options button located at the table and checking Private table checkbox. (Note: Even if kibitzing is turned off you may still invite other players to your table by right clicking on their nickname and selecting "Invite to kibitz". As a courtesy players should ask kibitzers to leave their table prior to using the kick option. Opponents should not re-invite players who have been asked to leave or kicked from a private table.)

  2. Please keep conversations that contain profanity, sexually explicit language including innuendoes at the privacy of your table amongst consenting parties. VOG does not advocate censorship, we choose to do our best to let our members resolve their individual, personal conflicts between themselves. However, if VOG receives complaints, or the behavior is displayed in the public chat areas, we will have no choice but to get involved, because it would mean this is not happening between consenting players, and it is not being resolved by them either.

  3. Racial, ethnic, religious or sexual slurs will not be tolerated.

  4. Profiles must be free of pornographic pictures, links and words, as well as any references that are inconsistent with the Community Guidelines.

  5. Targeting other players to distress or embarrassment is harassment and will not be permitted. This includes creating accounts with names that are meant to defame or otherwise harass other VOG players.

  6. VOG asks that you respect the privacy of other players, please do not post other people's phone numbers, addresses, or any other private information.

  7. Personal attacks, fighting, online stalking, rude, violent or crude behavior is not allowed. For more information on this issue please go to http://www.wiredpatrol.org/ and http://www.ncvc.org/infolink/main.htm all violations of these laws will be prosecuted.

  8. Please do not flood chats (impede conversations by using repeated blocks of text) or yell at other members by using excessive capital letters.

  9. Account abuse is prohibited; this includes but is not limited to forms of ratings stacking such as accepting multiple wins from a player whom is intentionally losing.

  10. A player may sign-up with no more than two nicknames in the same tournament, and ONLY for the purpose of getting the tournament started. A player may use only ONE nickname during each tournament to play with. Playing in the same tournament with more than one nickname is not allowed and could result in immediate account deactivation.

  11. During tournament play, purposefully delaying the tournament, by not moving in a lost or losing position, or by disconnecting from the server on purpose will not be tolerated, and may result in deactivation of your account.

  12. Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to the following: using computer programs to play games. If you wish to use a program, you must contact VOG at [email protected] and express a desire to use a computer program. VOG will then set the Gender property in your profile to computer and you will be allowed to play against VOG players. You must also place a comment in your profile which informs others you are using a program, and before the start of each game you must notify your opponent that they will be playing against a computer program. This will allow players to decide whether or not they wish to play against a non-human opponent. If it is discovered that you are using a computer program to play and you have not followed the above policy VOG, will have no option but to set the gender property to computer for your nickname and possibly deactivate your nickname altogether, which would include forfeiture of any premium membership fees. Repeated violations could result in complete account deactivation from VOG. Also, please be aware that computer programs may not participate in VOG Tournaments.

  13. Advertising of any form is not allowed without prior, written approval from VOG.

  14. You agree that VOG Guides and Hosts have the ability to kick, gag and/or ban you from the VOG server for non-compliance with this policy. Guides and Hosts are volunteers who contribute their time and energy keeping our site a fun and friendly place for everyone. Therefore we require that they and their requests be treated with respect at all times.

  15. VOG reserves the right to refuse service and by connecting to the VOG you agree to comply with the Community Guidelines. If persons other than yourself on your computer access VOG, you are responsible for their actions. Failure to comply with the Community Guidelines could result in termination of the end user license agreement and deactivating your account's access to the server. A serious breach of this policy could result in total barring from VOG with forfeiture of fees, if you paid any.

Thank you for understanding and we hope your stay at VOG will be a pleasure!

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